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Umbilical Tentacle

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Qué pasaría si Brad Smith (Internal Rot, Super Fun Happy Slide, entre otros), Nik Kennedy (Super Fun Happy Slide, The Kill, entre otros) y Yuka Discobeans deciden hacer un grupo harsh, grindnoise, power electronics? Favor poner play


Feliz Lunes: The Kill @ Diciembre 2014

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Llego Diciembre y esperamos el lanzamiento de Kill them All, el nuevo material de los grind-maniacs de The Kill. Según palabras de Roby (The Kill/Blastasfuk Grindcore), Kill them All será un disco relativamente distinto a los anteriores de The Kill, pues tendrá elementos más punk y menos thrash. Adicionalmente, vendrá con un sonido más sucio en comparación con Make them Suffer (disponible mas abajo)

‘KILL THEM ALL’ has more of a punk feel, less thrash element with 18 of our own tracks and 1 cover. The sound isn’t as polished as “MAKE ‘EM SUFFER’, still recorded the same way but sounds different. This album has more going on. As Nik our vocalist would say… “it’s more like a book from start to finish.” Rather than your typical structured song with verse, chorus etc.. Yes, writing this album, I did feel a little pressured due to having a deadline, allowing us enough time to have everything ready for the 2014 EURO TOUR! We still don’t know if it will be out in time though!

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