Caliente: Dead Infection & Parricide 2014

Atención Dead Infection additcts! El Viernes 4 de Abril fue lanzado a través de SelfMadeGod Records (Polonia) un nuevo split EP de DI junto con Parricide (Polonia). El EP es en formato vinilo 7”, limitado a 100 copias (versión splattered wax). Aquí van unas muestras del disco más un vídeo clip de Dead Infection del mismo disco titulado “Adolf Cat” (quién ya había aparecido en el split de DI junto a Haemorrhage)


1. DEAD INFECTION – Fissura Ani
2. DEAD INFECTION – Adolf The Cat
3. DEAD INFECTION – Subduction
4. DEAD INFECTION – Underestimation
1. PARRICIDE – Sunset
2. PARRICIDE – Life To The Real GrindCore
3. PARRICIDE – The Idealist
4. PARRICIDE – The Asian Band Has Ended

Anuncion de Selfmadegod:

Two Polish heavyweight veterans have been around for nearly 25 years. To celebrate their longtime friendship the bands team up for a split 7”EP! After sharing records with other goregrind legends REGURGITATE and HAEMORRHAGE, DEAD INFECTION are back with new material recorded June 2013. Four songs of pure goregrind butchery at its best!
PARRICIDE have also recently put out two splits with KILL AT COMMAND and SQUASH BOWELS. Their side offers four new songs recorded late August 2012; brutal and merciless grindcore ferocity. Get this piece of grind/gore wax before it’s gone!!!


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