100 discos = 5GB… descarga GRATIS ahora!!

Unos días atrás, To Live A Lie Records anunció que pone a disposición sus primera 100 producciones en digital gratis para descarga! Esto quiere decir discos de: 50/50, AAS, Agathocles, ANS, Ansojuan, Apathetic Ronald McDonald, Archagathus, Arctic Choke, Athrenody, Assholeparade, Axed Up Conformists, Badeatinghabits, Bastardass, Bail Out!, The Beginning of the End, Bizarre X, Bloody Act of Terror, Bloody Phoenix, Bombarde, Charogne Stone, Charred Remains AKA Man Is The Bastard, Children’s Crusade, Coke Bust, Common Enemy, Concrete Evidence, Conga Fury, D9, D-Composed, Death Jungle Death, Deathrats, The End of the Century Party, Final Draft, FxPxOx, Gate, GeorgeXHarrison, Get Destroyed!, Godstomper, Goner, Haemophagus, Hip Cops, Hoy Pinoy, Hummingbird of Death, I Object!, Ignor Anus, Jigsore Puzzle, Kakistocracy, Killed in Action, Laceration, Lack of Interest, Lake Effect, LxExAxRxNx, Magrudergrind, Makhlok Perosak, Malparido, Max Ward, Mehkago N.T., Mesrine, Mobile Terror Unit, Mondo Gecko, NoComply, Nux Vomica, Palatka, Party By The Slice, Pissed Happy Children, PLF, Proletar, Rat Byte, Rhino Charge, Rocket Attack, Sakatat, The Scrotums, Sick/Tired, SMG, Shitstorm, Short Hate Temper, Street Sharks, Slapendehonden, Spazz, Splattered Mermaids, Sudden Seizure, Supression, Terminal Youth, Tinner, Thieves, Unholy Grave, Ummm, y xBrainiax.

Aquí está el archivo de descarga vía torrent. Disfrutenlo. Archagatus como pequeña muestra

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